The Importance of Pre-Production for Successful Video Production

5 Stages of Video Production

The production phase is where the video magic happens. Whether in a studio or on-location, the director, videographer and crew work in symbiosis to bring your ideas to life with cameras rolling.

During this stage, the big-picture goal of your video is determined. This will guide your decisions throughout the rest of the process.


The pre-production stage is all about planning. And if you’ve done your work in this phase, the production stage will go much more smoothly. During this time you’ll come up with your video content’s strategy (if needed), goals, messaging and any other guidelines you might need to make sure the end product is on message and meets key performance indicators. This is also a good time to run an audit of your past productions and see where there are opportunities for improvement.

In this step, you’ll also do the necessary research and preparation that’s needed to shoot your video. This includes scouting locations, finding and booking actors, props and sets, as well as creating storyboards and a shot list for your video. This helps the team to visualize what you’re trying to accomplish and identify any problems before they arise. This is also when budgets and schedules are established.

During the production stage, you’ll actually capture the footage your video will need. This can take anywhere from a couple days for a short social media post to several months for a feature film. During this time, your video will be captured on camera or through animation. The goal is to capture the footage that will bring your video’s message to life. This may also involve b-roll and voiceovers, which will all be recorded during this time.

While shooting, the director will work to get the shots they need to complete the video’s story. This can involve working with the crew to ensure everyone knows what’s expected of them on set, and the director will also be responsible for directing any actors or talent on-camera. This is a very important and involved part of video production that can be hard to get right, but it’s essential to the final outcome of your video.

After the shoot, your video production company will start putting the pieces together to create your finished product. This is where all the magic happens! The video editing and post-production process is when the raw footage gets compiled, edited, sequenced, and enhanced with graphics, music, sound effects and anything else your video might need. This is also when any visual effects or motion graphics will be added.

This is also when the final color corrections and grade will be applied if applicable. Then your video will be finalized and ready to be distributed! The end result of a great video production process is something that will grab the attention of your audience, communicate your key message and leave them wanting more. So make sure you plan ahead, have a clear vision and give yourself plenty of time to create your next video project! For more tips on how to create a great video, check out our blog post on the 5 steps to making an amazing video. It’s sure to help you get your video production process off to a strong start!

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